Rusty Reid, original music, singer songwriter, indie rock, alt-rock, alt-country, country-rock from Texas, California and Washington State

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You can support my music and message and movement by buying something or streaming. Or if you'd like to donate through PayPal, that would be super dee duper! We are fighting ignorance, injustice and cruelty anywhere we find it, and the forces arrayed against us have boat loads of cash (and most of the guns).

Thank you so much. This planet is too beautiful to lose. Truth is too sacred to squander. Compassion is the way to Wa. Love should be the North Star of our Quest. Let's find Another Way, a higher, better, way - together - NOW!



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Rusty Reid - Bayou Line: Songs from Houston    Buy Head to Heart by Rusty Reid   Rusty Reid - NWXSW
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