Rusty Reid, original music, singer songwriter, indie rock, alt-rock, alt-country, country-rock from Texas, California and Washington State

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Rusty Reid
Silvertone 1450, first electric guitar, Christmas 1966

Rusty Reid Holster, Midland
High School, Midland, Texas, 1970

Rusty Reid Holster
Houston, 1974, with Gretsch Country Gentleman, "Pistol"

Recording Studio, Houston, 1975

Recording Studio, Houston, 1975

Rusty Reid Holster, Houston
Houston, 1977

Rusty Reid
Houston, 1980

Rusty Reid, the Unreasonables
The Unreasonables, Houston, 1981

Los Angeles, 1985

Los Angeles, 1987

Sketch from Key West artist, 1989

Big Island, Hawaii, 1991

Los Angeles, 1992

Rusty Reid
NWXSW Photo Shoot, Seattle, 1999

Rusty Reid
Seattle, 2000

Grunging, Seattle, 2010

Washington State, 2016

Head to Heart Photo Shoot, 2018

Rusty Reid
Outtake, "Ancient Stones," 2019

Rusty Reid
Screenshot "Ancient Stones," 2019

Rusty Reid
Screenshot "Too Many Poor," 2019

Rusty Reid
Screenshot "Head to Heart," 2019

Rusty Reid

Gig Harbor, 2019

Rusty Reid, Los Angeles, CA
Los Angeles, CA, 2019

Rusty Reid, Hippie Garden
Hippie Garden, 2020

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